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The vast territory of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean stretches from north of Lac Saint-Jean to the mouth of the famous Saguenay fjord. This unique region boasts a diversified and prosperous economy and offers all the comforts of the city alongside the many pleasures of nature.


Population : 279,949 inhabitants

Area : 95,761 km²

Cities : Saguenay, Alma, Roberval

Emerging economic sectors : Aluminum, hydroelectricity, agrifood, metals and metallurgy, adventure tourism and ecotourism

Economy and employment

The region’s industries, always on the lookout for new technologies, fully benefit from a network of outstanding educational and research institutions and a dynamic socioeconomic environment. First developed on the basis of its abundant forests, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean’s economy has been transformed by its immense hydroelectric potential, which has made it possible to operate aluminum smelters, which produce 35% of Canada’s aluminum.

Other sectors contribute to the growth of the region, most notably the agrifood industry, with its dairy and grain production, dairy and meat processing and blueberry growing and processing; the manufacturing sector, with its metal processing, metallurgy and wood processing; and the adventure tourism and ecotourism sector.

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Newcomers can take advantage of support from partner organizations in the region to help them with the settlement and integration process.

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