Doing Business in Québec
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Doing Business in Québec

Are you thinking of settling in Québec and doing business?

You should know that Québec offers many advantages that you can benefit from:

  • A gateway to the vast North American market due to a strategic geographical position
  • A solid, stable and dynamic business environment
  • An innovation-focused entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Sectors of excellence in various regions
  • An available, qualified and diversified labour market
  • Competitive installation and operating costs
  • Modern transportation infrastructures
  • Reliable, clean and renewable energy

If you want to develop a business project in Québec, you have two options:

First option: Settle in Québec to create and run an innovative business for which you have received an offer of service from a business accelerator, business incubator or university entrepreneurship centre.

Second option: Settle in Québec to create or acquire a business and run it.

You can learn more about the program, procedures and eligibility criteria here.

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